Purple Party Weekend - Dallas

We have all the purple you could ever need to show your support Purple Foundation this year! Purple Party Weekend is a sensational weekend of dance events featuring electrifying visual performances and music by some of the world's most popular DJs and attracts dance-music lovers from all over the world. It is the largest nonprofit, all-volunteer charity dance weekend in the United States and benefits AIDS Services of Dallas, Resource Center Dallas and Legacy Counseling Center. Purple Foundation produces Purple Pride Weekend, during Dallas Gay Pride Weekend, and several quarterly dance events at various Dallas venues!

The New York Black Party is an annual event which was created for all people who are aficionados of black clothing and accessories. It is a unique way to celebrate the African-American culture, history and spirit. This is a wonderful opportunity for you to wear your favorite and find out how it can make you look on that day. You will be wearing what is known as a "cover-up" and you will be wondering how long you can have this look. The New York Black Party is one of the best parties for you if you enjoy black clothing.

The New York Black Party is truly a party to remember and one to be cherished by all. There are a lot of great features to be sure that the party is something that every individual would want to have. A good party needs some character, some theme, and the New York Black Party definitely comes close to those three things. The party is totally unlike any other in New York. It is known as a huge party, it is loud, energetic, very chaotic, fun, and completely unique. The music is completely original, which makes it a great party for people who enjoy music.

Circuit Party Dallas has an easy and fun schedule to keep in mind. This event is hosted in celebration of the beautiful city of Dallas. When you attend this event, you will have the opportunity to find plenty of activities that are completely free of charge. These activities can be enjoyed by everyone. Circuit Party Dallas is an event that makes everyone happy. Everyone is sure to enjoy the idea.

Circuit Party Dallas is going to feature a variety of great themed parties. The theme can range from traditional parties to costume parties to casino parties. These themes offer a great way to make everyone feel like they are at a great party. It is going to be so much fun when the staff members can recognize everyone and make them feel welcome.