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Thank you for visiting! As you may have seen in the news reports, the outbreak of the Coronavirus has stalled our and many other company's operations internationally, as we all function in a global marketplace. The general movement of people to and from work, which in this case includes manufacturing, importing and fulfillment jobs, has been restricted as to keep the virus contained and from spreading. In turn, people are not permitted to come and go from work as usual and this has unfortunately stalled the regular business operations of not only ourselves, but many other organizations. As a safety precaution, many governments worldwide have shut down the manufacturers, suppliers and shipping companies to better investigate and prevent the spread of the virus. This safety precaution has affected millions of companies large and small, all over the world. We are terribly sorry for the delay in getting your purchase to you if you have recently placed an order. Operations are currently set to resume on the estimated date of February 17th. If you would like to cancel your order, this is completely understandable. This can be done so by reaching our customer service department at "". We are doing our best to keep all of our customers happy and satisfied during this challenging time. We hope that you'll visit us again when this unfortunate situation has passed and the safety and lives of people are once again not at risk from this deadly virus.

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