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For what seems like forever, it was always a pain in the butt to hop from website to website, or even worse, storefront to storefront, to find the perfect costume, outfit or gear for our upcoming circuit and/or rave events. When trying to pull a complete look together, we always envisioned being able to go to one spot to find all that we needed or even just a piece here and there to complete our looks. This gave birth to Circuit Rave Gear!...


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Circuit Rave Gear Circuit Rave Gear has our favorites and we know that you have yours... Often times when attending a Circuit party, the first question is... Who's the DJ?? Some will go or even skip a party depending on this very important answer. We thought it only proper to start a section where we feature either our favorites or yours and where you can find them next. So without further ado, we give you our Circuit Rave Gear crush of the month...

DJ GSP (alias George Spiliopoulos,) this Greek beef comes to you from Greece but is now based out of London. He's one of our favorites here at Circuit Rave Gear, give him a listen and he's bound to become one of yours as well!! His style is mostly Tech and Progressive House with a touch of Tribal Percusions and lots of vocals. He is considered to be one the Best European Circuit DJs having already played several times in cities all over the world.

His sound is very significant known all over from his gigs and his podcasts which remain in the top 10 worldwide for the last two years... I can't tell you how many times I've listened to "The Original Brazilian Pool Party feat. WE Fake Podcast Carnival 2017" SOOOO GOOOD!!!!


GSP Upcoming Appearances...


Circuit Festival Miami



New Years Rio De Janeiro!!

It's almost a pilgrimage these days to head to Rio De Janeiro for New Years Eve. Not only do you have the majestic and jaw dropping sights to see all around like Cristo Redentor but you also have the beaches, the music, the food, and the Sungas. 🤤😍

Over the long weekend of celebrations you'll find yourself immersed in the Rio lifestyle and there are plenty of amazing parties and events to choose from. A couple parties to try over the weekend are R: evoution which offers a combo 3 party pass including the Private Garden party, the Fim de Ano party and The Original Brazilian Pool Party and THE WEEK, the infamous Rio nightclub that you're sure to have heard incredible DJ sets from. You'll find links to their websites for tickets and pricing in our calendar section just below. 👇

And don't forget to wear all white!! As we've seen for decades thousands of revelers on Copacabana Beach celebrating while in white, part of the custom being that they believe it will encourage peace and happiness into the new year... SHOP

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