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Circuit Rave Gear is a global online retail company that delivers products directly to consumers around the world.

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Welcome to Circuit Rave Gear!

For what seems like forever, it was always a pain in the butt to hop from website to website, or even worse, storefront to storefront, to find the perfect costume, outfit or gear for our upcoming circuit and/or rave events. When trying to pull a complete look together, we always envisioned being able to go to one spot to find all that we needed or even just a piece here and there to complete our looks. This gave birth to Circuit Rave Gear!...


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DJ Alain Jackinsky

Circuit Rave Gear has our favorites and we know that you have yours... Often times when attending a Circuit party gear, the first question is... Who's the DJ?? Some will go or even skip a party depending on this very important answer. We thought it only proper to start a section where we feature either our favorites or yours and where you can find them next. So without further ado, we give you our Circuit Rave Gear crush of the month...

DJ Alain Jackinsky comes to us by way of Montreal Canada. Starting back in 2001 playing House Music in the gay underground club scene he quickly grew and became rather popular. His sounds of multilayered rhythms of Vocal, Tribal, Progressive and Tech House will have your cardio session on point. One of our most memorable experiences to his sound was while at Arena Festival in Playa del Carmen. He DJ'd one of the parties in the Tulum Jungle and his sound was so intoxicating that to this day, 3 years later when one of his mixes comes on from that set, the hair stands up on the back of my neck, I close my eyes and I'm instantly back in that Jungle.

His sound is so good to us that its what you hear when you come on to our website. I can't tell you how many times I've listened to "JACKINSKY ARENA 2018 PODCAST" SOOOO GOOOD!!!! We hope you dig him too!!



We here at Circuit Rave Gear are hoping that everyone is staying safe and staying home!! We are in untested and difficult times so whether you're doing your part on the front lines or quarantining yourself, we thank you and hope that because of this time spent alone we will soon be able to spend time together again dancing the night away.  We know that we are also longing for that next big event like everyone else. When and where will it be? Will it be a week long festival?? Will it just be a blowout Saturday night party???Anytime is a great time to throw a Gay Circuit Party Chicago, but it really comes down to what's hot and what's not. Will I even be able to afford the ticket after all this craziness!


There are so many questions and so much uncertainty of how we will all move forward and recover from this. Due to the Corona virus Pandemic, like many other companies, we have experienced our own fair share of production and shipping delays, cancellations, and issues. In recent years, many gay and lesbian owned Gay clothing companies have popped up to serve the growing demand for more gay friendly products.People join these parties in new and different outfits wearing gay circuit Gay circuit parties clothing.We want to thank everyone for the continued support through this troubling time and for the patience that its taken in waiting for orders to be processed and delivered.

Whether you're looking for something fun for that next stay at home party or just preparing for the next big event (whenever that will be) then check us out and get yourself ready for when that announcement comes. And stay tuned for our calendar of events. Parties may still be getting cancelled but as we come out of this, we'll be updating our calendar and plan on seeing you there in the middle of that dance floor.

Peace Love Unity Respect