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Circuit Rave Gear is a global online retail company that delivers products directly to consumers around the world.

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Welcome to Circuit Rave Gear!

For what seems like forever, it was always a pain in the butt to hop from website to website, or even worse, storefront to storefront, to find the perfect costume, outfit or gear for our upcoming circuit and/or rave events. When trying to pull a complete look together, we always envisioned being able to go to one spot to find all that we needed or even just a piece here and there to complete our looks. This gave birth to Circuit Rave Gear!...


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DJ Enrico Meloni

Here at Circuit Rave Gear we have our favorites and we know that you have yours... Often times when attending a Circuit party event, the first question is... Who's the DJ?? Some will go or even skip a party depending on the answer. But being that parties have been put on hold due to Covid-19, hearing your favorite DJ's or becoming new fans of others have definitely been put on hold. In this regulated down time we became more intimate with one in particular. I say intimate because lets be honest, the house kiki's were in full effect whenever DJ Enrico Meloni came on.

DJ Enrico Meloni comes to us by way of Rome. But you'll find that his musical influences are abundant worldwide. DJing since 2004, he was a regular feature at Muccas​sassin​a pre-Covid (we're sure he'll be back). He has a lot of followers worldwide, among the gay club scene where he spins some of the hottest progressive and tribal house sounds combining them with amazing vocals & melodies. If you haven't heard his remix sets of GaGa, Dua Lipa (our favorite) or Sia... you're missing out!! His sets are always strong and energetic, with original tracks and remix works in collaboration with the most influential DJs and singers of the worldwide gay scene. His sets have been played around the world in the best clubs, parties, and Covid-Kiki's.🤪

Circuit Rave Gear is a fan through and through and we can't wait for the bans to be lifted, the parties to resume, and to find Enrico Meloni getting us silly on the dancefloor once again. He's just SOOOO GOOOD!!!! We hope you dig him too!!